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⇒ Message Server

Message Server™ is the industry’s most reliable email server. Based on an open-standards platform, this appliance dramatically lowers complexity, reduces the administrative load and easily scales to meet the most demanding business needs. Plus, Message Server includes collaboration features demanded in today’s distributed organizations.

⇒ RazorGate

RazorGate® is an appliance-based email security gateway that was designed from the ground up to provide unparalleled protection for your network. RazorGate appliances seamlessly protect and route email to Mirapoint Message Server or any other email server. It combines the industry’s fastest MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) with best-of-breed antispam, antivirus, and content inspection technologies to achieve catch rates of 99%. RazorGate is the most scalable, powerful, and flexible way to prevent threats from entering or leaving your email network. Its simple design makes it easy to install and manage, keeping resource requirements to a minimum and ensuring the industry’s lowest TCO.

⇒ RazorSafe

Email archiving can reduce costs and risk in many areas and does not need to be a complicated IT project and ongoing cost center. Mirapoint makes email archiving simple and cost-effective with the RazorSafe appliance, which includes all software, server hardware and storage in one easy-to-deploy system.

RazorSafe operates in a low-risk, passive mode and archives all emails, while ensuring minimal impact on your email infrastructure. RazorSafe uses open, standard protocols (POP, IMAP, SMTP) to archive all emails sent or received from the email server. Its policy-driven approach allows administrators to selectively archive messages by department, sender and receiver, and domain.

All message headers, content, and attachments are fully indexed and deduplicated. Advanced search can find messages based on sender, recipient, subject, keyword and date range, but also word proximity and fuzzy logic. To adhere fully to security policies, the archive is not modifiable with all actions recorded in a secure audit log.

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