Enterprise Solutions

⇒ Data Recovery

We provide a powerful data recovery, undelete, drive image, data security and PC privacy services for enterprise. Our mission is to give our customers around the world the system tools to bring about a visible and substantial increase in viability, production and easy of use at the lowest possible cost to the customer.

⇒ IT Security Consultants

We delivers a true IT alternative with a complete range of products and services dedicated to businesses and governments in need of security.

For all of your IT projects, our IT Security Consultation services are able to help you to analyze your requirements and offer a customized solution based on our years of extensive experience in diverse areas.

We enable enterprises to use one cost-effective, secure computing environment and collaboration platform for all of their users. We offer several features that are designed specifically to meet the needs of enterprises while saving resources and time that could be applied to other IT initiatives.

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